How 500Menu works?

500Menu Mobile App and website are built upon the most comprehensive restaurant and dish
dataset in the world. Our mission is to help users to search for the best dishes anywhere
around the globe or popular restaurants nearby with best experience.
Users can also get restaurant and dish recommendations using 500Menu's
powerful recommendation engine.


Restaurant and dish level recommendations algorithms


Users can share foods info and socialize in our App


Users can take pictures and save into personal storage

Best Dishes

Users can search for the best dishes within an certain area


Customers can save their preferences in the App


Users can read / write restaurant or dish reviews

Chinese Food

500Menu can help you find the best Chinese food in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, NYC, etc.

American Food

Where can I find the best steak in the States? Sign up our mobile app.

Japanese Food

Did you know where to find the most exotic Sushi bar? You can find out on

French Food

What is the No. 1 French dish that I should try before anything else?

Italian Food

Which romantic Italian restaurant and fine dishes should choose for my first date?

Mexican Food

What are top the healthiest (or the spiciest) Mexican dishes? Go 500Menu!

Fisherman's Wharf

Whether planning a visit or research best American dishes in cities such as San Francisco, you'll find a wealth of information on how a historic era still influences the present-day culture, events, sights, sounds, and food of the SF bay area's most famous waterfront community.

Authentic Chinese Dishes

There are many Chinese restaurants in the world, some are in China towns; most of them are not. Which cities have the most authentic Chinese food dishes? 500Menu can tell you.

What are the characteristics of French food? If you go to Paris, which restaurants should you visit?

Do you know how many Italian restaurants located in the United States vs in Italy? Which Italian city has the most popular Italian dishes if you go to Europe for pleasure or on a business trip?

What are the top ordered Japanese food? Which restaurant has the most exotic sushi eating style? Sign up our email mailing list, and 500Menu will tell you more.


My family and I love to use 500Menu. Whenever we need to research top ranked dishes we use 500Menu.

-Brian: High school student - USA

I like to use 500Menu mobile App, it is so easy and comes handy when I am outside. I can search for any restaurants and dishes on my smart phone and check out all the reviews and food pictures in a single platform.

-Ruby: Small business owner

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